Ritisha Gupta

Welcome to my Food Blog! My name is Ritisha Gupta aka Tisha's Veggie Eats! I'm 24 years old and currently live in Houston, TX. I am a full-time Digital Designer and a part-time food blogger. I started my food blog on Instagram as a way to showcase healthy living & share my delicious meals.

I have been vegetarian ALL my life! My parents are vegetarian and their parents before that and their parents before that. Growing up in America as a vegetarian definitely was tough. The options were slim or super unhealthy. Which is why a staple home-cooked meal for me in college was pasta & alfredo sauce LOL.

It wasn't until I graduated college that I started to cook at home more often. This is when I fell in love with REAL foods and cooking on a daily basis. I have always LOVED taking photos of my food so thought "why not make a food blog and share all my recipes?!"

And that is exactly what I did and that is how Tisha's Veggie Eats was born! I hope my recipes bring inspiration to you all & show you that healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated or hard!





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